Here’s a sample of what guests have said:

Karen was fabulous!
Her inspirational message and enthusiastic presentation was the best. I could have listened to her for hours.
She’s a fireball!! Five stars!!! She’s a guardian angel.
Her passion is life!
She should tour with “Women of Faith!”
She has a gift… keep it coming. Karen, keep being YOU!
She was great. She made me think deep, she made me laugh, and she made me cry… thanks!! She’s made a difference for me.
Thank you so much for your exhilarating presentation at Beyond Rubies. You are amazing and so inspiring! Your words moved me to tears several times.
You were the highlight of the whole conference for me!
Her energy and love for life – what an inspiration
Iowa is indeed lucky to have you here.
(Karen) super speaker! Super @motivation! She is bright, well spoken, down to earth,
And P.S. I cried- Thank you Karen.
Karen is one of the most optimistic and outgoing people I have ever met, full of life and truly inspiring… she always has a smile on her face and more importantly she brings out the best in everyone! Thank you for spending the day with my group!
She’s “very’ good” and colorful, easily held my interest.
I thought Karen was an endearing and energetic speaker who captured her audiences attention
She gave food for thought, loved her phrases, true stories, great expression, audience participation and emotion into everything she had to say, which pertained to everyday living. Was a “wonderful” speaker!
The speaker was likable, knowledgeable and well-qualified. She spoke in a way that enabled clear understanding of ideas.
It’s so fun to be reminded of what’s inside of you!